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Lumineers® offer an excellent opportunity to create rows of beautifully white teeth without tedious procedures, stress, embarrassment, or pain. Lumineers® are much like veneers but require little to no preparation for the procedure. Lumineers® are simply bonded to your natural tooth much like an acrylic nail is bonded to a natural fingernail. Fortunately for our patients, our restorative dentist, Medhat Rofael, DDS, has the experience, equipment, and skills needed to transform your smile easily and comfortably through the Lumineers® process.

Stop wishing for a great smile and do something about it. You deserve great looking teeth, and you can have them as soon as you want. Just contact our Fountain Valley Lumineers® dentist and arrange for the prettiest, whitest smile you’ll ever have!

A Quick Breakdown on the Lumineers® Process

Here’s a brief look at what you can expect when you sign up for this type of smile enhancement:
• Fast and Easy – Once you discover just how easy it is to get your new smile with Lumineers®, you will wonder why you waited so long. It’s only two short dental visits!
• Painless – No pain is attached to this cosmetic dental procedure. You shouldn’t experience any sensitivity after the procedure is completed.
• Permanency – Your Lumineers® are permanent. They last forever as long as you take excellent care of them.
• Scientific Backing – The Lumineers® process is validated by the information gleaned from more than twenty years of clinical research and study.

What Kind of Teeth Can Benefit from the Lumineers® Process?

If your teeth are stained, chipped, misaligned, or crooked, this can be the perfect strategy needed to create that movie-star smile.

While bleaching is commonly recommended for discolored teeth, it isn’t a permanent solution. Sure, it might help for a while, but eventually, your teeth are going to look yellowed or stained. It’s difficult to avoid teeth-staining beverages and foods, particularly if you enjoy tea, coffee, and red wine. The natural coloration of your teeth is disrupted, and your pearly whites are no longer shiny and bright.

If you want to correct your staining problems in a way that looks perfectly natural, you want the Lumineers® experience.

If you have questions about getting Lumineers® in Fountain Valley or the cost of Lumineers® please contact us by phone or schedule an appointment online today!


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